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wojciech plocharski
date of birth: 11-04-1964


1970-1978 - elementary school in olsztyn (north-eastern poland), school of music in olsztyn (piano)

1978-1982 - adam mickiewicz polish secondary school in 

1982-1989 - university of warsaw, master of journalism

since 1991 - polish press agency (pap) in warsaw (as plo/)

1991-1997 - pap capital, economical, social crews

1997-1998 - pap foreign correspondent, belarus-minsk

1999-2006 - pap news editor
2006 - ends work in pap (low salaries)
2007-2008 - swiss encyclopedic publishing house who's who in poland, editor
2008-2009 editor-in-chief of the russian-language news portal for ukrainian and russian users
2010- andrzej olechowski advisor on the internet in his centrist presidential campaign; also citizen support for center party in local elections
work voyages:

1994 - sardegna, invited by media entrepreneur n. grauso

1996 - russia - moscow, kostroma - invited by russian press agency itar-tass

1997 - germany - bonn, koln - seminar: against racism and xenophobia on media

1997 - usa - washington, charlotte, san francisco, columbia, new york - international visitor program "democracy and the fourth estate" arranged by united states information agency (usia).
meetings and discussions at: federal communications commission, us department of justice, "usa today", tribune company, cox communications, white house press briefing (washington); elections for county commissioners in mecklemburg county, "the charlotte observer", communications department of johnson c. smith university, a historically black college (charlotte, north carolina); "the san francisco chronicle", "wired", sonoma state college in santa rosa (san francisco, california); school of journalism of the university of missouri (columbia, missouri); associated press, bloomberg, cbs (new york)

1997-1998 - belarus (
correspondent work)

2003 - estonia, tallin. european union referendum
 (pap reporter)
2004 (28-31 august) - moscow, chechnya, ingushetia - mission of council of europe delegation (pap journalist)
2009 - business trips to ukraine - kiev (web portal editor-in-chief)
other attainments:

1988 - radio hit
- song "clubhouse of funny champagne" author

1990 - reserve officer cadet school in wroclaw (south-western poland), passage specialty - pontoneer / corporal

1993-1994 - own record -
several songs made by the friends team, recital realized by polish television; member of Society of Authors (ZAiKS) 

1996-1997 - two literary publications - "
dirty&free" (1996) and "plastic odeon" (1997) 

2000 - own web site (2000-2001 about 200 visitors per day). musical premiere - piano pieces - appreciated on the net. at first listed in one of the best-known classical music web sites, classical net.

2001 - polish-language poetry (as the first polish there) on global vision platform, located in amsterdam.
it shows creative writers and visual artists from 23 countries all over the world. its part - the intercultural platform - includes collection of literature and art from the america's, australia, asia, africa and europe (dutch, english, spanish, german, polish, japanese and afrikaans poems and short stories).
2001 - a cycle of english-language pieces meets with enthusiasm on literary internet sites and poetry boards. "for too many, writing poetry is a ritual to connect with a past that is dead rather than forging new paths. an interesting and well-written piece of work. thank you for sharing it here" (poetic pursuits). "plo, you are on the poetry tear! go for it. i really enjoy the simple complexity of your poems. they are easy to read, but hold depth if the reader cares to take the time" (international story book). "brilliant. a poem like this makes poetry" - (allpoetry).

2001 - third book - album "yellow-green-red
2002 - poem between in international literary print journal taj mahal review by cyberwit.net, india
2003 - the fugitive in taj mahal review again;  saddling time and breeze in anthology of world poetry by cyberwit
2004 - "diplomatic rebel on creaky bicycle" - publication in englishafterwards - print containing series of epigrams "faster than light"
2006 - "million in my pocket" - third book in english - notation of traveller's adventure; participation in the 2nd writers festival-india-2006: kurukshetra, yamuna nagar (haryana), haridwar (uttra anchal).
creative scholarship (society of authors); next in autumn 2007
- poetry in kafla inter-continental, published by india inter-continental cultural association, chandigarh
2007 - author's album, recorded with the friends team - reedited;  "love temperature" - another publication; about indian trip
2008 - "khajurao legacy" - literary set printed in the usa
2010 - "coast" - edition printed in india
2011 - "selected music" in digital distribution; wedding in mauritius
2012 - author's album (przyjaciele/cyfry) in international e-commerce. new music release: "under the papaya tree"; literary publication "tea with vanilla"
2013 - musical publications "studium", "ilha do sal" and literary work "polvo à lagareiro" - in international sales

2014 - "600 years after béthencourt", selection of essays

hobby: internet, sport, journeys

languages: english, russian


polish version, polska wersja