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Tea With Vanilla

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Tea With Vanilla

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Some reviews:

'What a marvelous mélange of beauty and peace and harmony and necessary luxury - or is it luxurious necessity? - I have never heard of nor tasted coconut juice, but I am tasting it now through your poem.'

'For a moment there, I was transported and ready to sip on a coconaut straw, a testimony to the craft of the poet. I enjoyed this which is why I've packed my bags and I'm ready to go there.'

'Your poetry stabilises your readers and emphasizes priorities... and is delicious food for the soul.'

'It is very heartwarming to know that not all visitors sitting on deckchairs are thinking hedonistically only of sun and sea and self, but at least one is - and possibly more are - seeing deep into the heart of a country steeped in the natural beauty and living life as it should be lived, drop by drop.'

'Wow, the blessed relief of all that literally cool water! It is hot and humid here and I love it, and so I can especially appreciate how you spread that air, hot and heavy, all over your poem.'

'Oh, je l'aime tellement!  In case you don't speak French, I think, I absolutely LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOVE this!'