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Wojciech Plocharski as a poet creates a unique joy through an artistic creation of beauty. Several poems included in Million In My Pocket, Faster Than Light And Other Tales, and Diplomatic Rebel On Creaky Bicycle describe some irresistibly real and attractive mood or passion, some most enchanting fact of life. As an artist, Plocharski is most convincing and most alive when he is ‘scenting the world, looking it full in face’. But he reminds us “ No, no, no-don’t think I’m a weight-lifter’ (“Saddling Time”, Diplomatic Rebel On Creaky Bicycle). “Shell’s V-Power 95” reveals ‘how to move forward in literature’:

You need not write thick books to understand how to move forward in literature.
The most important is fuel.
Diplomatic Rebel On Creaky Bicycle, p. 11

Plocharski’s mind seizes and stores up numberless feelings and images, and he is able to convert the ‘fuel’ to his witty and satiric portrayal of the distempers and ‘the strange disease of modern life’ (Matthew Arnold), and ‘the immense panorama of futility and anarchy which is contemporary history’ (T. S. Eliot).

Plocharski’s excellence lies in the fact that he is “on the move \ For next centuries” (“Saddling Time”). The fundamental and indispensable thing required for any kind of freedom and progress is avoidance of “talk tall behind iron curtain”:

Tall Orators! If you do not raise the curtain,
You will not hear theatre ovation!
“Tall Talk Theatre”, Diplomatic Rebel On Creaky Bicycle, p.18

Plocharski is always lifted up with the vigour of his own style. This is visible in the energy and passion of his flawless phraseology and precision of language in Faster Than Light And Other Bagatelles:

‘Toothless biting is a kind of kiss’.
‘Amateurishness-weapon of mass destruction’.
‘Their manipulations are sewn with so thick thread
That we couldn’t clean our teeth using it.’
‘Promote women. You will limit weight of ayatollahs…’

The essential fact to remember about Plocharski’s poetry is that he sets his mind free to expand its inner powers, and consequently we feel that Fancy ‘glows divinely there’ in such lines: ‘We cannot isolate anything that we don’t understand…
What about starry sky?’(“Starry-Eyed Robots”)

No doubt, Plocharski’s poetry penetrates, and reaches truths through hallowing power of imagination, which is a ‘prophetic action of the mind’. Poetry, says F. R. Leavis, “can communicate the actual quality of experience with a subtlety and precision unapproachable by any means.” This is evident in Plocharski’s Million In My Pocket. These poems have an undeniable force and enlarge our conception of imaginative adventure. I trust that the new century would recognize the presence of genius and inspiration in such lines: ‘Closed at hand, army of ants \ crowds in plundered library’s \ inside (“Barcelona Abstraccio”}, “Looking down we see \ we are in a different world’ ( Peaks of Caucasus”), ‘We leave the city with invisible arrows’ ( “Piccadily”}, ‘My cap is on my head, but thoughts among the clouds’ ( “Andersen’s Hat” ). “Peaks of Caucasus” makes us aware of the horror of war:

The ruins and debris of destructions.
Their roofs are already overgrown
By vegetation. Practically,
There aren’t houses
Without traces of bullets on gates.
… … …
The dust-everywhere.

The title poem “Million In My Pocket” is a profound comment on the creative powers of the ‘pen’:

My secret is simple.
I have a pen.

The psychic drama of the whole Million In My Pocket is enclosed within these two lines. Plocharski’s energy, passion and satirical power reveal that he is undoubtedly a powerful force in world poetry, and one of the most individual poets.

-Santosh Kumar

Now it is time for some other reviews. They proceed from sundry poetry boards and websites, let me say intentionally - from all the market (mostly 2001). You can become acquainted with the opinions of various age persons. The reviews also derive from various countries.

Czas na kilka recenzji. Pochodza one z roznych poetyckich forow dyskusyjnych, jest to przekroj - powiem celowo - calego rynku (2001). Mozna sie tu zapoznac z opiniami osob w roznym wieku. Recenzje pochodza z rozmaitych krajow.

A Rambling Machine

'I connected with this and truly enjoyed the prose, imagery and unique concept. Beautifully done.'// 'Good poem! "I'm a king of my cycle" - you bravely reply. LOL I love that.'/ POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD

'"A Rambling Machine" was a master piece! Needless to say, I believe this to be one of your best poems. Your style reminds me of the English poet Coolridge.'/ INTERNATIONAL STORY BOOK

Show Your Brain

'I like this, I like the decription of word use. I am a word person, I actually have a dictionary in my house, car & work. I like this "some - are tiring." So true poet!!!' ALLPOETRY

Detective Story

'Working, dreaming....I like that. Isn't that the way life goes.' ALLPOETRY

Everyone Can Be a Star

'Your writing reminds me of a cryptic crossword, yet you make the confusion enjoyable. (Yes, that is a compliment!)

Tall Talk Theatre

'Really great political piece... I find them tough to do, without sounding vapid, you've accomplished something special here via terrific imagery! :)'// 'You've done it again, Plo. Bravo!' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD

The Stamp

'For too many, writing poetry is a ritual to connect with a past that is dead rather than forging new paths. An interesting and well-written piece of work.' POETIC PURSUITS

'Stamps not touched by tongues. I liked that phrase/connection. Beautiful!' SPEARHEAD POETRY BOARD

'I really enjoyed reading this... I like the way you think...' ALIEN8ED


'Whoa. Obviously British. (It's ok, I spell chourus with a u) Funny piece, and true!' ALLPOETRY

A Poem Is Able

I like the part about haunting a library... Very thought provoking... ALIEN8ED

At Work

'I think that it really says something about our society today.' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD

Some Errors Are Divine

'Excellent poem. You were in top form.' INTERNATIONAL STORY BOOK

'Again, good one Plo. "Don't errorize the words" - great line.' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD


'I love it! Great sarcastic tone. I like the play on words, "With the power of Mouth" Joseph Campbell would be pleased.' ALLPOETRY


'Very different and brought a smile to my face. Well done.'// 'Clever. I really like this.' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD

'Brilliant man. Brilliant. A poem like this makes poetry.' ALLPOETRY

Andersen's Hat

'Liked it. Short, sweet and simple. Good one here.' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD

'Great Imagery! Loved this piece! Gonna read more of your stuff right now...' ALLPOETRY

The Signboard

'Evocative - I really like this one a lot.' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD

'Keep posting. Your writing is very unique and interesting to read.' TEENOUTREACH POETRY

I Don't Like Sugar

'I never thought of the beet in this light before; perhaps, because I live among the corn and bean fields. Interesting' POETIC PURSUITS

'An interesting juxtaposition between the needs of plant, animal and human lives' ALLPOETRY

'Wonderful use of a harmless Vegetable, to introduce
the epic battle between the captalist minded killer
farmer and the expendible beet product.' INTERNATIONAL STORY BOOK


'"Address" was one of your best yet. Pure imagines, emotions, and truth. Incredible.' INTERNATIONAL STORY BOOK


'"a net cowboy" Oh I really like this'// 'To Plo: He's not a city wolf. He's a net cowboy. Connected. Wow! great words. Very well put. Cool poem. Like it allot. God bless.' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD


'Again, at the cutting edge Plo...your butter knife is perhaps sharper than some diners imagined! Well done.'
Fascinating commentary on the Cuban folks.
"hypermarkets" we call them supermarkets, but 'hyper' describes them better as far as I am concerned.' ECTOPIA /2002/ 

Inside Africa

'Very well written, lots of truth.'// 'I agree Plo, well said.'// 'To Plo: NICE. God bless.' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD

'What interesting insight to a place I have never been.
Maybe someday I will get the chance to see it for

'This is very true. Great write.' ALLPOETRY

Space Invaders

'Hee hee, it may not be a laughing matter but you made me giggle. What a challenge indeed' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD

'Interesting, PLO! This is something a little different' WRITERS WRITE

Straightening Spaghetti

'This is good poetry, and it takes all kinds to fill the pages of the book of days! You never fail to deliver something delicious to read, Plo. And I prefer twisty sghetti anyway :)

"Chatting in global code" - what a great line; reality!!' WRITERS WRITE

'I'm not quite sure what its about, but I LOVE IT
its so amazingly un-mainstream' TEENOUTREACH POETRY

'Good write' ALLPOETRY

'Luckily I'm not a cruel bore...I enjoyed this Plo!
OUCH! that hurt! (HA! HA! just kidding). Very good poem.' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD
'This is a unique mind spank...Dripping with intelligence...Truly clever and deftly written...This is what modern poetry is all about!' ECTOPIA /2002/ 

Miilion In My Pocket

'Excellent choice of words. Very good poem. It's one you have to think about before you get it. I wouldn't have known what a "Quill" was but I just saw the movie'// 'Again, I like, Plo...good writing...your quill is working hard!!!' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD

'Oh thats awesome i love the concept and feel.

"Poetry wakes up early morning, catches of quill.
The gang of journalists also is up.
Their pens are worth billions dollars. Well,
Virus of power is a medicine."

Really loved these lines' WRITERS WRITE

'So descriptive and wow the vocab is wow'// I really like the abstract view in this piece. I wish I could make my writing sound as exciting.........even as a published poet I cannot think of even one of my pieces I like as much as this.......Thank you for it...... TEENOUTREACH POETRY

Jack In Office

'"Undeniable blockheads", love these lines in this poem. good work.'// 'good poem Plo'// 'Excellent poem. Very deep.'// 'Deep poem. I like the way you wrote it.'// 'I don't know if Jack Tree is the name of a real person but I love this poem Plo, it's great work yet again' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD'

'This is so cool' ALLPOETRY

'Original piece. Well worth submitting. Bureaucracy is an interesting subject matter for poetry, precisely because it's incongruous (incongruous subject matter is a GOOD idea, I think). Perhaps a passionate, lyrical poem about waste disposal . . ' //  'bureaucracy; the eternal constant that forever tramples humanity in the mud. well done!' ECTOPIA /2002/

Echo in the Throat

'I liked it...I don't know what to say....but I like it' TEENOUTREACH POETRY

'Well I think this probably falls on deaf ears
but it is a good piece, Plo. And you keep beating your own drum, I like it!!' WRITERS WRITE

'"Plagiarism grows in a glasshouse"... Nice interesting read.// 'Good poem. Like it a lot.' // 'Nice, keep posting! POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD
'This is a very unique poem in what it appears to address, but I am surprised it hasn't already been done.
This is well written. It had the potential to be bad, but you carry yourself very well through the poem and the end result is an appropriate but interesting poem' // i have to agree (...), interesting! a true desire in the experimenting of poetical language, and subject!' ECTOPIA /2002/

On Top


'that was ummm yeah cool... it turned me on or something err wait i mean i liked it!' TEENOUTREACH POETRY

'Excellent write, very well written, loved it'// 'Your gifted intuition is circus-like, gypsy-esque...with a deeply sad message. I not only LIKE it...I LOVE it!' ALLPOETRY

'...mega brain teaser...'// 'I recognize your poem right away... I love the idea of the Mythomaniacs. And myths theme' WRITERS WRITE

'Good poem. Very intellectual. Like it. Keep up the good work.' POETRY POWER BULLETIN BOARD
'slavish--Slavic? good play on words. "fellows associated in poetical gang for whom "a" and "the" are terrorists."
That's putting it mildly; Many a poem ruined by those two!' // 
This is great, I think. Some terrific content. I'm not really sure what it's all about, but I like the lines and imagery, and the general feel. Vibrant.' ECTOPIA /2002/


Zarga. Azrag.

'Is this a sparatic thought process going on here? : )' WRITERS WRITE

'hi: loved your Zarga poem, you forgot to put comment box... It brought us to a place most have not been... thanks the visuals were great' THE STARLITE CAFE'S POETS CORNER

'wow such amazing delineation, that is such an awesome poem... it's just terrific' TEENOUTREACH POETRY

'this is brilliant!' LITKICKS


'Nice read : )' WRITERS WRITE
'cooool. i like the backward words thing.. very effective' E-POETS FORUM

'i have to go there...but than again the way you described it I've already seen it' // 'You make it sound like such a beautiful place.....Nicely done for those of us who may never make except maybe in our minds.......'  TEENOUTREACH POETRY
'this was outstanding. the mystical beauty of the area revealing in a story like setting. good tone and voice, nice imagery' ALLPOETRY
'Gorgeous. Just bloody gorgeous. I've never been to Egypt, but I could feel the desert air and see the Egyptian sky through this. Descriptive without being monotonous or redundant;
compelling and pretty without being sugar-coated.' // 'definately a vision.
this totally hit me...in 5th grade i was an Egyptian buff...i had to get my hands on anything egyptian, and i totally forgot about that til now. thanx for nostalgic moment... i like the backwards lines. i've done that myself a few times. the capitalization at the beginning of each line kinda distracted me. this kinda bugged me..."Constellations are flashing anciently". for some reason that does not sound grammatically correct. "anciently." who knows, i could be wrong...and the first line made me laugh. i have always wanted to stay at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. And actually last nite i was sitting on my floor and thinking that i should plan a trip to vegas. just for a few days to hang out by myself. maybe i should stay at the luxor... kudos. i liked.'  SUNRISE POETRY
'You've really brought Egypt to life with your sparkling metaphors and vibrant imagery. ("green columns of Egyptian sky" ; "big canine teeth glitter at sunset" --love this!) Such a marvelous piece of art. I almost want to applaud it! All your poetry is edgy, fresh, certainly worth stopping by your site to read.' POETRYPEN 

I'm On Crete

'you are my breath of fresh air...lol if your confused see above...i'm always excited when i see your name on here bcuz whatever you post is always completely thrilling and just grabs my stubborn head and takes it away to somewhere i've never been or even dreamed of..thank you ' //  'i'm a hypocrit but hey, i couldn't let this poem get pushed down without at least one response because it is a very new concept, and though it doesn't have a twist or anything such, i think it shows appreciation and uh... sopmething like memory.. so anyway.. good poem.'  TEENOUTREACHPOETRY

'you took me on a trip here--nice job...have you seen such things really? if so--lucky you!! it must be amazing!' ALLPOETRY 

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